Legislative committee approves next step in making Indian Land its own town

Legislative committee approves next step in making Indian Land its own town

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - People in support of Indian Land becoming its own town, rather than part of unincorporated Lancaster County, are one step closer to making that happen.

According to District 1 Councilman Terry Graham, the Joint Legislative Committee voted 4-3 on Tuesday in Columbia, allowing citizens to file a petition to the Secretary of State to hold an election on the matter.

If the Secretary of State approves the petition, Graham says a local election could be held within 45-60 days, deciding whether or not Indian Land becomes its own town.

Graham, who was in Columbia for the hearing, says the committee brought up important concerns regarding Indian Land's financial sustainability. He says he does not think the people of Indian Land would be able to afford a town budget, without a substantial tax raise.

Graham says he ran a successful campaign for councilman, in which he did not support incorporating Indian Land.

According to County Administrator Steve Willis, if the Secretary of State issues a certificate to hold an election, three residents will be appointed to oversee the election.

Those three citizens will be required to meet with the Lancaster County election administrator to plan the election.

Willis says the ballot will have six questions, whether you want Indian Land to become its own town, what type of government it would have, what name it would have, etc.

Willis says the process will be the same process the citizens of Van Wyck went through when it recently became incorporated on August 16, 2017.

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