'Rebuild Puerto Rico' begins to ship supplies overseas

'Rebuild Puerto Rico' begins to ship supplies overseas

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Two weeks after Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, overwhelming destruction and desperation lingers across the island. But thousands of miles away in Charlotte, some are feeling a bit of hope.

"I get goosebumps just seeing this stuff because it's so beautiful," Alba Colon Nieves says.

The group Rebuild Puerto Rico, many of its members a part of the Puerto Rican Cultural Society, gathered thousands of pounds of supplies to send to the island.

"Towns that have been decimated, and they're getting help," Nieves says.

The group is still gathering things like diapers, canned food, and the most urgent need – water.

"The only way I can live through this is by doing these things" Nieves explains. "To talk to people. Bring me whatever you can to send to Puerto Rico."

Nearly 1,500 pounds of supplies are expected to head in a private plane to Puerto Rico Tuesday morning. The group gathered at the airport Monday night to pack it all up. Many of them have family members who weathered the storm.

"I know it may not reach my family directly, but it's going to reach Puerto Rico and it's going to reach people that need it," Nieves says.

The group say they have had a great response from the community getting donations. The challenge now is finding ways to get them to their destination.

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