Sept 30th: One month of stories

Sept 30th: One month of stories

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sept Day 30: One month of stories.

If you asked me why I do 30 posts in 30 days through the month of September, I would answer you with one number:


Cancer is responsible for 57 percent of childhood deaths per year - more than any other disease combined. That proves childhood cancer is not rare. It deserves our attention.

Today is the 30th post. Tons of children. Tons of organizations. Various Facebook live videos and, I hope, a few eyes opening wider.

Pediatric Cancer ACTION Month may be coming to a close, but hundreds of kids in the Charlotte-area still fight. I write about amazing children facing medical battles year-round, that's part of what #MollysKids is all about, but this was a targeted effort at showcasing those who fight cancer.

Share, Share, Share. Appreciate the links, hug your own children and remind yourself every story is real life and in our community.

Thank you for wanting to read these and re-post. Many of you did so every day. It's you who made these kids fly. Please continue to educate.

Remember these stories, and remember 57 percent.




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