Classmates remember two teens killed in Concord hit-and-run

Source: Fred Craft WBTV
Source: Fred Craft WBTV
Source: Fred Craft WBTV
Source: Fred Craft WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A grand jury indicted the person Concord police say was driving under the influence when he hit and killed two teenage boys.

On Monday, the grand jury indicted 21-year-old Francisco Daniel-Marin Gonzalez on two counts of felony death by a motor vehicle, one count of felony hit and run, one count of no operator license, and one count of possession of marijuana.

Jessie Marroquin Avelino, 14, and Ricardo Solano, 15, were students at Concord High School. A memorial now marks the spot where the fatal accident happened Saturday night as the boys were returning from Sonic.

On Monday, Concord High School students wore white to honor their classmates.

"I was speechless," Leslie Moreno said. "I didn't know what to do or say."

Moreno was friends with Avelino and says she will miss him.

"His personality... he was just so caring and kind," Moreno said.

The boys were found dead at the scene. Police say the vehicle witnesses described was found abandoned nearby.

The passenger in the car, Gutierrez-Santos, faces one count of duty to stop in the event of a crash and render reasonable assistance.

This accident hits Moreno hard. She is not only friends with one of the victims but also a friend to the suspected drivers. She says she has known Gonzalez for a few years and treats him like a brother - but says that doesn't excuse him from his alleged actions.

"I have so much love for that person," Moreno said. "But you are responsible for your actions."

Nine additional counselors and crisis response team members were at the school to help students. Some students called their parents from school to describe the mood in the classrooms.

"She said that everybody is so devastated by this," parent Lori Cobb said. "That they couldn't even concentrate in class today and I get it - it's heartbreaking."

Parents say they are relieved counselors were on hand to help their children cope with the sudden loss.

"It's hard for them to understand that somebody their age lost their life," parent Sarah Sheperis said. "You don't expect that."

Many hope students can learn a lesson from the sudden deaths.

"Being under the influence has caused a tragedy," Cobb said. "And hopefully these kids see that and don't do the same thing in the future."

Gonzalez is due back in court at the end of October while counselors will return to the school Tuesday.

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