Concord contractors, TV show renovate home of Gold Star family

Concord contractors, TV show renovate home of Gold Star family

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - They had 30 days to plan, and five days to get it done. Seventeen local contractors worked with national TV show "Operation Build" this week in Concord to make life a little easier for the family of a fallen soldier.

The MacClamrock's are a Gold Star Family. They lost Private First Class James Fleet MacClamrock in Iraq in 2010. He was one of the first soldiers killed in Iraq after President Barack Obama declared combat operations officially over.

Now, his family has a home that will constantly remind them of their hero.

"I would give anything to have him here," mom Susan MacClamrock says, emotional. "There's nothing... I would give my life."

Now, when Susan and her family open the door to their newly renovated home, memories of their beloved son and brother will be found at every turn.

"When you walk into a room, you remember your son with such great joy," she says. "Because it is beautiful."

Just three months after her son's death in 2010, Susan MacClamrock became very sick. In the seven years passed, she has had a liver transplant, her colon removed, and now she is in a battle for her kidneys.

"I would go upstairs at night and not come down for at least 12 hours... it was just hard on my body," she says.

Crews did not stop after adding new paint and furniture to the house. They also moved the master bedroom downstairs, to make life a little easier for Susan.

"There are not enough words to describe in the English language how I feel," she says of the gesture.

For Operation Build host Rockie Lynne, the project is a small token of gratitude.

"To say in a very loud and clear and distinct voice, thank you," he explains.

But for the MacClamrock family, it is priceless, and they say they know James would feel the same way.

"He would... he would be overwhelmed," Susan says. "He would."

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