Firefighters rescue soapy kitten from storm drain

KANNAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) - Kannapolis firefighters spent a good part of Thursday afternoon pulling every trick in the book to try and coax a kitten from a storm drain.

A crew gathered around the drain and heard the kitten's cries.

"We went to YouTube and found some cat sounds to try and get it to come to us, but it was too far back," said Division Chief Kirk Beard.

The YouTube sounds were only after their own attempts at cat noises didn't work either.

With the grate removed, firefighters then used a laser-pointer from the end of a thermal imaging camera to try and get the kitten to chase it. Guess what? That didn't work either.

Finally, crews decided to try and flush the cat from one end of the drain to the other with a water line from the fire truck. The water line had some residual soap in it which filled the drain up with tons of foamy bubbles.

It also washed the soapy, soaked kitten out too.

"We try to do what we can. We had a good time with it, it was fun," Beard said.

The firefighters took the kitten to a local vet where he's alive and quite well tonight. Vets say the little guy could be ready for adoption soon.

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