Officials: Let experts check child car seats

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The death of a 16-month-old who fell out of her grandmother's truck while in a car seat in Shelby on Wednesday sent a shudder through those who have spent years being trained and certified on the proper installation on child seats.

"Why didn't you go and have your car seat put in properly?" said Carole Dellinger, a state certified car seat installer and firefighter with the City of Salisbury.

Dellinger says that in most communities across the state fire or police stations can check car seats to make sure they are properly installed.

"They can just check online in whatever city they are in, just put in car seat installation, location, something like that, and they can see where to go and have it done," Dellinger added.

She says that people often install seats themselves, and that in her experience, it's frequently not done correctly.

"At least come by and let me check it, it's free, there's no fee to check a car seat," Dellinger said, "and it might save a baby's life."

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