Forever Family: Meet Micah

(WBTV) - In today's Forever Family segment, meet Micah! He is a kind young person, cares for others, and has not given up on looking for a family that will accept him and love him for who he is.

"I feel like I live through music or something, cause like I just go on a tune and like my frown goes like too smiley," Micah said. "Music is an escape for me."

Child advocate Whitney Johnson says Micah has a "very outgoing personality."

"[He's] very expressive, very social," she said. "I think that he has never met a stranger."

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Micah says he think's a kind person who cares about people.

"I am a loving person. I am real I am not fake," he said. "Everyone thinks I am cute."

He wants to own his own cosmetics line when he gets older.

"I want to be bigger than Kylie Cosmetics, he said. "Like I want flip-flop lip-gloss. One way is one color the other way is another."

Johnson says Micah has a big heart.

"He wants to be accepted and also is trusting enough to accept somebody else," she said.

What is he looking for most in his Forever Family?

"Everything but most of all someone who accepts and who is loyal to me," he said. "[Someone] to take care of me and accept me. Someone who accept you and love you as you are and doesn't try to change you."

To learn more about adopting Micah, please contact Forever Family in partnership with Seven Homes Family Foster Care at 1-888-365-FAMILY. Or log onto

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