Sept Day 27: Aria Blackburn, turning 2 years old and thriving!

Sept Day 27: Aria Blackburn, turning 2 years old and thriving!

KANNAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) - Sept Day 27: Turning Two & Thriving!

Aria Blackburn's retinoblastoma is stable. That's the headline. That's what her mom wants to get across most.

"She has not had any tumor growth since January of 2017," Krista Blackburn said from their home in Kannapolis. "She'll continue to have check-ups regularly but we are hoping and praying she has beat cancer for good."

This is a far cry from our update on Aria last year. At the time, she was 11-months old and traveling to Philadelphia to get chemotherapy – at one time her mom watched it administered directly into her daughter's eye. Cancer treatments were all Aria had ever known. She had been diagnosed with the rare eye cancer at 22-days old. She started chemotherapy 29 days after being born.

Today, Krista calls her daughter a "tornado of a toddler". She turns two next month. Nothing but joy.

"She has a full-force, non-stop personality and has not let cancer slow her down," Krista said. "We are thankful, thankful, thankful for her health and her life.

To see how far Aria has come from last year, compare the picture in 2016 (here >> to this darling one below. Congrats, Aria. Love being able to tell a good story.




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