NC teacher’s ‘viral’ flu experiment spreads

NC teacher’s ‘viral’ flu experiment spreads

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The official start to flu season is almost here.

Now one Fayetteville high school teacher's way of showing students what makes you sick is going viral.

The post was shared and liked close to 100,000 times.

All it shows is a picture of three pieces of bread, but the Cape Fear High School teacher who reposted it says that is going to show her class how easily you can get sick, and her method is spreading.

Students started washing their hands the minute it was shared it on social media.

"It meant a whole lot more than just bread," said Cape Fear High School student Amanda Clark.

Then it went viral.

"I had no idea what viral meant other than viruses on the hands," said teacher Donna Allen.

That's what Allen says she's trying to teach students in her health class.

"Making them aware that germs especially this time of year are going to be deadly to the elderly," said Allen.

So she used bread, one control piece, a clean piece, and a lot of hands.

"I had them pass the bread around, and that bread goes into the dirty bag, and in about seven to ten days we're gonna see the germs," said Allen.

And when the mold starts to grow, she says she follows that up with an important lesson on hand washing. It's a lesson students say proved a point with three pieces of bread and a viral post.

"It's really crazy to see that we don't wash our hands that good at all," said Clark.

Another thing the teacher does she's not only using social media and bread, but other experiments to drive home the importance of hand washing this flu season.