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Sept Day 25: Amazing Grace Foundation

(Photo courtesy family) (Photo courtesy family)

Sept Day 25: Grace's Spirit, Helping Katlyn's Osteosarcoma

Katlyn Megill turned 16 years old yesterday in the hospital. She has metastatic osteosarcoma. This is a picture of her from one week ago, right before an 8-hour limb salvage surgery. Look at her expression. She's got spunk.

We have featured multiple children in our area through the years with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bones. Most recently, Grace Haynes. Grace passed in December of 2015, but her family continues her legacy through The Amazing Grace Foundation. Its 3rd annual The Amazing Grace 5k is coming up October 21st and in a fitting, full-circle way, the child they are honoring and sponsoring for this year's race is Katlyn. 

Katlyn will be pushed in her wheelchair at the race, she says, so she can be sure to participate.

"We need to get the word out and get people to sign up and uplift this young lady," said Grace's mom, Yvonne Nagle. Yvonne now helps runs the Foundation. "Hopefully, the other kiddos we sponsored last year will be there too. They're actually both #MollysKids! You know Parker Cowherd and Ally Davis."

Yes. We know Parker and Ally well.

Besides benefitting one child, this fundraiser also raises money to donate to Levine Children's Hospital, specifically Pediatric Oncology. 

Find out more on the Race flyer here >>

When I got Yvonne's email about this 5k, I went back to find the last post on Grace. It was nine months after she died (read it here >> At the time, her parents said they wanted you to know three things: 

A) Pediatric cancer gets less than 4% of funding for research. 
B) Grace’s chemo treatments were 60+ years old with little increase in survivorship.
C) If a child does survive osteosarcoma, they’re usually left developing other health issues from the outdated treatments.

THAT is why this Foundation is raising money for Katlyn. 

You're beautiful, Katlyn. Heckofa picture to start out a morning.




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