Sept 22: Former teacher helps #MollysKids by making pillows

Sept 22: Former teacher helps #MollysKids by making pillows

Today’s September post is months in the making. Something a little different.

A former teacher who now lives in Burke County contacted me last December. Margaret Hayes said she loved reading about all these #MollysKids. Wanted to do something for them. You do what you know, and she knew how to sew.

So for every single #MollysKids I’ve written about since December 20th, 2016, Margaret has shipped a handmade pillow to their home with a special pillow pocket to hold a book. (Once a teacher, always a teacher.)

Usually she makes the fabric thematic to something about the child’s post. If they like NASCAR, a car-themed fabric. If they like Duke Men's Basketball, or PAW Patrol or American Girls, the pillow might be navy blue with a “D”, have cartoon pups or show a doll print. You get the point. Their custom-made in every sense of the word.

In nine months, Margaret has made 64 pillows for #MollysKids.

All on her own time. All on her own dime.

To be clear, I don’t know Margaret. Well, I mean, I didn’t. I feel like I do now. Every time I got a new amazing one of our #MollysKids, I sent their mailing address to her. She’d do her thing and a week or two later the family might email me a picture of the surprise care package they received from Morganton. Kids clinging to books and pillows they now call their own.

Margaret says it has made her really happy; even given her purpose in some ways. She keeps up with all the kids. The first story she followed on December 20th was Riley Voss. He had just been diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. Margaret still checks his father’s Facebook page for updates on how Riley is doing. (Original post here >>

I'll post a couple more photos below, including one of Margaret’s fabric stacked tall inside her home.

I’ve been featuring all these kids and Margaret has been quietly following-up. It was time to shout out her goodness and spread the lesson she’s showing: ACTION is possible to create in a variety of ways.

Feel free to share.

You inspire us, Margaret. Happy Friday.



PS: As for Margaret’s teaching background, she has taught in Connecticut, California, South Dakota (“I taught art on a reservation,” she says) and New York. She is certified in six areas but most of her career she says was spent teaching Technology Education to grades 6th-8th.

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