'Buddy' the Claremont town dog survives dog attack, leaves hospital

CLAREMONT, NC (WBTV) - The beloved dog that's wandered Claremont's streets for eight years as a stray has survived his brush with death. For at least 8 years, the dog has been roaming the streets evading every attempt at capture.

The whole town loves him.

"Buddy" was attacked by two pit bulls several weeks ago and then went missing for several days. When he was finally found by a volunteer search party, the dog was very near death.

A Facebook video shows Buddy on the ground almost looking desperate for rescue. The video also shows what might be the first time anyone has ever laid hands on the dog they love so much.

But his prognosis is looking much better despite having one of his legs amputated due to injuries sustained in the attack.

A Catawba County rescue group, Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue, has assumed ownership of "Buddy" and taken care of his costly medical bills. Rescue Director Crystal Hopson wrote this update of the rescue's Facebook page:

The group has set up a fund specifically to pay for Buddy's care. If you'd like to help, click here.


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