Part of Kannapolis Greenway to close for environmental clean-up

KANNAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) - A former dumping site for Cannon Mills will have to be cleaned up, and that means closing part of the Kannapolis Greenway.

The N.C. Division of Environmental Quality will conduct a cleanup project that will necessitate the closure of the 8th Street Greenway for at least six months.

The greenway will be closed between West 8th Street and West A Street. The location was a former landfill for Cannon Mills between 1950 and 1972.

During that timeframe items from the mill including construction debris, concrete, asphalt, metal and tires were discarded at this location. It was a common practice during this time for companies to have areas where they discarded trash. They would  then cover the area with dirt.

Over the years trees have grown up over the site, land in the area has shifted and items are coming to the surface and are in danger of falling into Bakers Creek. The N.C. Division of Environmental Quality plans to clean the site to protect Bakers Creek and the greenway.

Over the next six months the N.C. Division of Environmental Quality will remove trees in order to get access to the area that will be cleaned. They will remove as many of the landfill items as possible, stabilize Bakers Creek, place a soil cover system over the area to promote stormwater drainage and resist erosion and landscape the area.

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