Charlotte apartment complex residents evicted for renovations

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kevin Duggan has lived in his Brittany Woods apartment on Chippendale Road for 10 years.

"We can't ask for a better spot for what we pay," he says.

But this week, Duggan and his family learned that they will not be able to stay there much longer. "It's hard, you know," he says. "We've called it home for a long time."

The family received a notice that they have until Oct. 31 to find a new home. For some families, that is easier said than done.

"We just don't have it," Duggan says. "We live paycheck to paycheck. [My wife is] on disability. We don't have it."

The construction happening just across the road from the apartments is a reminder of the growth that is occurring across the city, but some families feel like they are being left behind.

"There's more housing going up for the people of higher income," Duggan says. "As opposed to people like us of moderate means that need a good place to stay."

Duggan says he felt safe with his 11-year-old daughter in this neighborhood. Now, he is trying to figure out where to go next.

"It's worry," he says. "It's constant worry."

Duggan says that next step could be a local shelter, although he is concerned about being separated from his wife, who has health issues. "There's no way she could survive in a shelter," he says. "It's just not going to happen."

Duggan says he wishes he could have had time to save for a move, but now finds himself in a situation that has become familiar to many other Charlotte families.

"It was affordable," he says of his old home. "And it's a safe place. Now, again, what do we do. What do we do in a month, and no one was prepared for it."

WBTV contacted the apartment complex on two separate occasions but have not received a response.

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