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Sept Day 20: Brynn Florczyk- Molly's Kid 2017

(Credit: Family) (Credit: Family)
(Credit: Family) (Credit: Family)
(Credit: Family) (Credit: Family)

Sept Day 20 >> An email

Hi Molly,

Since we've just begun Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Brynn was one of #MollysKids last year, I wanted to send you a quick update on how she's doing. I looked back at her post from 2016 and couldn't believe the date - it was on September 20th! This year on September 20th, she will be taking her LAST CHEMO after two-plus long years of daily medication for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. If you remember, she was diagnosed in July 2015.

After her last chemo treatment on the 20th, she'll have her port removed the following day. We are both excited and nervous at the same time, but trying to remain focused on the "excited".

I'm a proud mom. She has done well. Beyond two initial hospitalizations early on in treatment, she's only been admitted a couple times for fevers/illness, but no major complications. She will turn 7 in a few months, and is in first grade this year.

Soon, a new phase of her journey begins. I watched the Facebook Live from Levine Children's Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic earlier this month - it was wonderful to see the team who has taken such good care of her over the last couple years featured. I loved that it provided a window into our world for those who don't live it.

I included a couple recent photos - one was from three weeks ago at her last spinal tap. Another milestone worth celebrating.

Thank you again for all you do to bring awareness for our kids and hopefully inspire ACTION!


Sarah Florczyk


CONGRATS, BRYNN! No more chemo after today. You're almost 7 and were diagnosed at 4-and-a-half. What a long journey!

You look so big compared to the photo in the post one year ago, to the day. 

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Have an incredible day. You deserve it.




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