Week of Survivorship: Fort Mill mom says breast cancer changed her life

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At the age of 45, Carol Injaychock found something on her body that seemed abnormal.

"I get out of the shower, towel off, and there's a lump the size of a quarter that's down here on my right breast," she said. "I'd never had a lump before, had not had a lump since."

Doctors did a mammogram and ultrasound. They went up and got into her armpit. That lump was benign... but right underneath her arm, doctors found advanced to stage two breast cancer.

"That lump took the doctors to the spot that was actually cancer," Injaychock says. "I was lucky."

Chemo followed. So did radiation. And the fear she might die. She said the toughest part was the parenting of it all.

"I think for any mom, it was not knowing if you're going to see your child grow up," she said. "It ran through my mind over and over."

At the time, her daughter Lindsey was nine. She's now 23. That first year Lindsey went with her mom to Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure and was beside her as she crossed the finish line. Almost every year since, all 14 of them, Lindsey has tried to be there.

Husband Tom has been there every step of the way as well.

The whole experience gave Injaychock a new perspective, to value what's in front of you. She even wrote a book - "Matters of the Heart, A Cancer Journey" - on seeing things through that cancer lens.

"My whole life changed after cancer. I made a lot of drastic and different decisions to make sure I had a life that was fully lived. And cancer took me there."

Injaychock will once again be at this year's Race for the Cure on October 7th. Join her - join us! To sign up for our WBTV News Team - go to wbtv.com/komenclt.

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