Week of Survivorship: Heather Meyers, mom of three, diagnosed with breast cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Forty-two-year-old Heather Meyers is a Waxhaw mother of three who works as a veterinarian. She never thought for a second she'd also
be saying she was a breast cancer survivor.

"I ignored some changes in my breast for months," Heather said. "I thought it was just nursing three children, or gravity. Turns out I was wrong."

Then Meyers felt her own lump. She got checked, she found she had stage three metastic breast cancer. The year was 2015. She was 39 years old.

"At the time I was focused on how to tell my children," she said. "I was thinking a lot about the impact on my family if I wasn't around."

Her children were eight, five and two. Really young to even understand the concept of "cancer". How did she and husband Kurt relay the news?

"We sat them down for dinner one night and said Mommy has a sickness," she said. "It's called cancer. Then Kurt helped me organize a head shaving party. We all got involved, including the youngest, Margot. We all helped Mommy's head turn bald."

Someone told Heather about Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure and she and her friends formed a team... Heathers Heroes. Then...if you were in Charlotte in 2015, maybe you remember this... it POURED down rain on Race Day. The Race was canceled.

Heather, in the middle of treatments and determined to find needed inspiration, had her team meet up anyway in the middle of the storm. Sixty people, including family who had flown into support her, ran their own 5k that morning at Alexander Graham Middle School.

"We joke, but the sun came out for a brief moment in the rain," Meyers said smiling. "The whole experience changed my perspective on life. I now, especially now that I'm in remission, keep what's important in mind. Our family focuses on that. It makes the trivial and unimportant seem small."

Meyers will once again have "Heather's Heroes" at this year's Race for the Cure on October 7th. Join her - join us!

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