Fun car games perfect for North Charlotte road trips

Fun car games perfect for North Charlotte road trips
Toyota driving safety
Toyota driving safety

You've finally done it! You've convinced your family or friends to take a road trip to a destination you know that everyone will love. Whether it's someplace new and exciting or more like a tradition, one thing can be certain. Long car rides can be draining. People are all cramped together for hours on end and do you really want your road trip memories to revolve around loved ones being on their phones the whole time? That's why the staff at Toyota of North Charlotte has put together a list of fun car games that the entire family can enjoy.

Fun car games for all your passengers

Sometimes it's nice to unplug and actually connect with those around you. Fun car games are a great way to do that when on the road! Here are some of the most fun car games you and your passengers can enjoy while on the road in North Charlotte:

I Spy

When someone thinks about fun car games, I Spy is probably the one that people think of the most. While trying to guess what someone is looking at based on hints, your little ones can exercise their visual and critical thinking skills.

License Plates

Are the passengers inside of your North Charlotte Toyota the worldly type? Then they'll love this game! The object of this game is to find the most out of state license plates. So any license plates that are from North Charlotte's state of North Carolina don't count.

20 Questions

This is one of those games that are perfect for the whole group, no matter what their age may be. The object of this game is to guess what someone is thinking of by asking only yes or no questions. We suggest limiting the number of questions to 20 so everyone gets a turn, but you can always choose how many you want.

Stay safe when driving in North Charlotte

While you may be invested in a close round of 20 questions, it's important to not let these fun car games impair the driver in any way. Some safe driving tips to remember when taking a road trip outside of North Charlotte include:

  • Avoid distracted driving – If you find yourself too invested in the games your passengers are playing, try to separate yourself from it or kindly ask them to stop for now. You don’t want to put their safety in jeopardy!
  • Get plenty of rest before making long drives – Be sure to stay alert when driving. If you’re too tired and feel yourself dozing off, ask someone else to switch with you.
  • Know what to do in times of heavy traffic – Remember your safe driving tips when there’s a lot of North Charlotte traffic around you.

If you're curious about more safety tips or are looking for the perfect new car for your next road trip, stop by Toyota of North Charlotte. We're located at 13429 Statesville Road which you can reach by taking Exit 23 off I-77 in Huntersville. And who knows, maybe our staff will know even more fun car games that aren't mentioned here!