More charges in gas pump skimmer scam

More charges in gas pump skimmer scam
Rodriguez-Mendez (Rowan Sheriff's Office)
Rodriguez-Mendez (Rowan Sheriff's Office)

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - More charges have been filed in the case of two Cuban-Americans accused of planting a skimmer inside gas pumps at two local gas stations.

Jean Jesus Rodriguez Silva, 32, and Elio Arturo Rodriguez-Mendez, 46, were originally arrested on September 7 by investigators with the Rowan Sheriff's Office.

According to the report, the two had used keys to open boxes on gas pumps at the Pop Shoppe on W. Innes and Sifford's on Highway 152 East.  The skimmer was a long data cord that intercepted the debit card information of customers who were buying gas.

Since the cord was inside the pump, customers would not notice anything unusual when making a purchase. The cord was connected to a flash drive that stored the information until the men came back to retrieve it.

The men later used that information to make purchases, according to investigators.

Investigators were able to read the information contained on the flash drive and determine that more than 300 customers had their information intercepted.

Detectives have been working to notify any customer whose information was used to make unauthorized purchases.

Jean Jesus Rodriguez Silva is charged with five counts of identity theft, three counts of credit card forgery, one count of financial card transaction forgery,  and three counts of possessing a financial card forgery device.  Bond is set at $2,280,000.

Rodriguez-Mendez is charged with two counts of credit card forgery, four counts of identity theft, one count of possessing a financial card forgery device, one charge of counterfeiting, one count of obtaining property by false pretense, and forgery by financial card transaction.  Bond is $3,020,000.

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