Sept Day 15: Ivy Riddle

Sept Day 15: Ivy Riddle
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sept Day 15: Surprise Stop-by!

Ivy Riddle, the girl who's smiling while looking down in my lap, wearing yellow sneakers, is four-years-old and cancer-free. She and her family – all four siblings – came to WBTV from Fort Mill Thursday for a surprise visit.

Ava is the oldest. She is wearing the white t-shirt with the gold ribbon. Ella is next, behind the chair grinning. Then Ivy, then her younger brother, Owen. And 10-month-old baby sister Aubrey, trying to stare me down. Parents Nicole and Brian are saints.

Each child brought a bag of pretzel M&M's and then because they were such a fun circus, I gave them a tour of the studios. Awesome break for all of us.

At only 10-weeks-old, Ivy was diagnosed with Stage 2 Sacrococcygeal Teratoma, a rare form of cancer. It appeared in a tumor at the base of her tailbone. At 6-months-old, Ivy started round one chemo.

Ivy was one of our first September #MollysKids back in 2013, the first year I wrote about one child every day as a targeted effort to educate about pediatric cancer. There were Ivy updates afterwards, the most recent being last year.

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This month marks four years since the Riddle family started Ivy's chemo journey.

Her mom says four years later, she is still a little behind in her speech, but not by much. She was also lucky in that one of the chemo drugs she was on causes hearing loss in 80 percent of the children who use that drug, but Ivy fell into the 20 percent category.

Bad news is that she's at risk for secondary leukemia, but it isn't a high risk. And, she can't ever scuba dive. Ivy loves sea life – "She'd live at an aquarium if she could," says mom – but her past medicines mean she can't ever go underwater too far.

Aside from all that, her mom describers her as a spunky, happy, hilarious, imaginative and free-spirited little girl.

"Most people don't know she had cancer but she will proudly tell them she had it and beat it," Nicole says proudly. "Sometimes she tells them she's a Survivor, other times she tells them she's a legend."

You gotta love that. A 4-year-old self-described legend.

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