Albemarle Police offer reward for information in homicide

ALBEMARLE, NC (WBTV) - Police in Albemarle are hoping that a reward will be incentive enough for someone to come forward with information about a recent homicide.

Police and Stanly County Crime Stoppers are looking for information related to the death of Mondrell Walter Leake.

Leake was shot in Albemarle on N. Seventh St. on Tuesday, August 22nd at around 12:54 am.

Neighbors told police that they heard loud talking and gunshots.

"I think it was a little after 12, 12:30, somewhere around there my brother come and got me and said come look, police were already here," said neighbor David Barth. "The gentleman was already covered up."

A reward of $2,000 has been offered to any person that has information leading up to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for Mr. Leake's death.

"We have a lot of resources that we're using but without the community it makes it almost impossible to do your job efficiently and effectively," said Captain David Dulin of the Albemarle Police Department.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Albemarle Police Department at 704-984-9501, Stanly County Crime Stoppers at 704-982-0711, or tips may be left at 704-984-9511.

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