First responders seeing more serious wrecks at sharp curve in Harrisburg

First responders seeing more serious wrecks at sharp curve in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, NC (WBTV) - More wrecks have happened at a sharp curve on Rocky River Road in recent weeks, according to first responders.

The curve is located near the 8800 block of Rocky River Road which is close to Bellefonte Presbyterian Church.

There have already been three serious accidents at the curve in the month of September, according to Dave Bradshaw, Public Information Officer with the Harrisburg Fire Department.

Bradshaw said there have been a total of 19 wrecks at the curve since the beginning of the year. This is information Bradshaw said he has received from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

One of the most recent crashes in September was deadly, according to the public information officer.

"We're not sure the official causes of all the accidents. We're just definitely starting to notice we're getting an increase in them," said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw said the road is state-maintained and local first responders are working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to come up with a solution to lessen the number of accidents.

Harrisburg Town Manager Haynes Brigman confirmed via text message that a formal request has been sent to the NCDOT asking for state officials to take a look at the curve.

Residents living in the area called the curve "dangerous" for drivers.

"Several times our mailbox has been knocked over. The government (road) signs have been knocked over," said Alvin Stafford, a resident who grew up living right near the curve.

Harrisburg resident Vannessa Douglas said she is happy that local and state officials have taken notice of the dangerous curve.

"I'm glad that someone is really moving forward with trying to help us to be safe," said Douglas.

Bradshaw said the best way to prevent crashes at the curve is for drivers to slow down their speed, but he also offered some other tips to prevent wrecks.

"Stay off the phone, increase your following distance and just be aware of your surroundings," said Bradshaw.

While an exact cause of the uptick in wrecks cannot be pinpointed, Bradshaw said there has been some speculation from Harrisburg residents that traffic has increased on Rocky River Road because a bridge is currently out on Robinson Church Road.

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