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Feeding Florida evacuees in Jasper County

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Millions of Floridians are headed back home after Hurricane Irma devastated the state.

Thousands of them using I-95 to head back south.

“One person can make a difference," said Rhonda Lowther, Ridgeland Resident Helping Evacuees. "Many ones can make many differences.”

And that’s what Rhonda Lowther did. She and several community members found a way to help evacuees making that long trip.

“Traveler, unfortunately, headed south are without food, without water, they’re struggling to purchase fuel to get home on so they’re having to make a decision to we eat or do we purchase fuel," said Lowther.

So the town came together to find a solution. They collected hundreds of bottles of water, snacks, and even food for the four-legged travelers.

“We literally have had very little damage here and our heart breaks for the people heading home to the unknown. Our goal here was to help as many as we could," said Lowther.

Ridgeland Mayor Joey Malphrus stopped in to show his support. He didn’t want to comment and said the group responsible deserves all the recognition.

"We help each other and we help others,"  said Mayor Joey Malphrus, Ridgeland. "God showed favor with us so we want to share all that’s he provided us with for other people."

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