Sept Day 13: Greyson Stephens Update

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Kyle and Bekah Sept Day 13: Thirty Seconds of SPIRIT.

13-month-old Greyson Stephens can't talk. Too young. But who needs words? After a full day of scans and a night of chemo, this Hickory boy showed his "never give up attitude" by popping up and dancing in his hospital crib.

"Thank gosh we caught it on video," mom Bekah said. "We love watching this. It reminds us about perseverance. He is the bravest boy we know."

This video was taken a couple weeks ago. He was doing better then. This past weekend Greyson went back into the hospital. His parents say he was hurting "pretty badly" and had to get on morphine. His family was separated because one parent had to be with Greyson, the other had to be with his identical twin brother named Hunter and their older sister Harper.

Right there. That's the reality of childhood cancer.

Greyson has Ewing's sarcoma. We first featured him as one of our #MollysKids in March. Since then his parents were told Greyson might be the first and only case of Ewing's sarcoma showing up in the tongue.

This little fighter started week 22 of chemo last Friday and is scheduled for a surgery to remove what's left of the tongue tumor in the first week of October. After that he'll have 11 weeks of chemo left.

When meeting him in March, doctors didn't know yet if Greyson's cancer had metastasized.

Last month his parents were told there WAS NO METASTIS.

"THIS IS GREAT NEWS," Bekah said. "Thank you God!"

In another great piece of news, a recent MRI showed the tumor on his tongue had shrunk 50% from the initial scan.

"He has been a true hero and fighter this entire year," dad Kyle said. "No child should ever have to go through what he has, but if they do, I hope they tackle it like Greyson. We call him 'Greyson Brave'."

Late last night Greyson left the hospital. At last check this morning, he was back at home.

Both Bekah and Kyle say it has taken an army of people, friends, co-workers, even strangers to get through it all.

"We are thankful for everyone," they said. "It's unbelievable how underfunded childhood cancer research is. We hope Greyons's story inspires people to look into the reality of this pediatric world, to donate if they are able. No child should go through the things we've seen our son battle."

Honesty. Pass it on.



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