Governor Cooper shines a light on lack of supplies in NC classrooms

Governor Cooper shines a light on lack of supplies in NC classrooms
(Dedrick Russell | WBTV)
(Dedrick Russell | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper paid a visit to Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District's Shamrock Gardens Elementary School on Wednesday.

Cooper used the day to shine a light on the need teachers have to get supplies for their classrooms - he brought a box full of school supplies to the school.

The Governor knows it is a challenge for teachers to purchase the pens, pencils, paper, tissue, and other items needed.

"It's recognition to them for what we know they are doing," Cooper said. "Many of these teachers are providing their own school supplies for their classrooms, and they are also working hard to hit up parents and others who they try to get to bring these school supplies."

People in Cooper's office provided the items for the box he delivered to the classroom. During the Governor's appearance, he mentioned his budget proposal to provide money to give each NC teacher a $500 stipend to help purchase supplies needed in the classrooms.

Although lawmakers rejected Cooper's idea, he says he is not giving up and will recommend it again. This time he is talking to CEO's of corporations to help with the effort. He wants them to turn down tax breaks so the state can afford to give out the $500 teacher stipends.

"I am trying to rally businesses and CEO's," Cooper said, "And I talked to those CEOs this morning about this, not only to support education but to tell the General Assembly that they need to stop the tax giveaways to the corporations and to those who already have, to protect the resources, so that we can invest in public education. And that will be the answer to a stronger economy in the future."

Cooper visited a classroom and told students how important their education is. He is also concerned about the teacher pipeline and how not many people are choosing to go into education. He wants to change that, and believes doing more for education will help - and it is a win-win situation.

"The jobs that we want to raise middle-class incomes require more education, require smarter kids," Cooper said.

Cooper also met with Shamrock Gardens Elementary school teachers to hear their concerns and what more the state can do to help them do their jobs better.

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