ADORABLE: 5-year-old golfer gives tips on the game, and life

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Five-year-old Sydney Hunt will give you a run for your money when it comes to golf, and when it comes to talking.

"I asked my mom if I could sign up at golf and she said, 'Sure you can sign up at golf,'" Sydney belted out as the first part of a seemingly 500-word-long sentence.

Sydney started taking lessons at Anselment Golf Academy from Coach Tiffany Anselment at Birkdale Golf Club. In four months, the pink-sporting phenom developed a pretty impressive swing and even a little accuracy.

"She's the most joyful person playing golf, and she's good," Coach Tiffany said. "She can play nine holes at 5-years-old and she loves every minute of it."

Some kids just seem to have a natural knack for the game, and Sydney would definitely be one of those kids.

She could also charm the wheels off of a golf cart.

"We want to be quiet and stand behind somebody when they're hitting their shot because if we don't they might miss their shot and hit a small swing, so we want to be quiet," Sydney finished her sentence with a finger over her hushed lips.

She's learned a lot about golf from her coach, and she's learned a lot about life too.

"You'll be smiling from ear to ear, and your cheeks will hurt too," Coach Tiffany said about her lessons with Sydney.

Check out the video to see the adorable little girl in action.

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