CMS board members react to latest test scores

CMS board members react to latest test scores

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) Board will hear the full report on the latest school district's test scores at its Tuesday night school board meeting.

Board members will hear there were increases in Math and English test scores. About 60% of students in 3-8th grades are now proficient in Math, and about 63% of students are proficient in English II.

While there was a bump in Math and English, there was a decline in other subjects. Eighth-grade students proficient in Reading dipped by three points. About 53% of 8th graders are performing at grade level. There were also decreases in Science and Biology.

While board members expressed disappointment, one board member says she wasn't caught off-guard with some of the lower test scores.

"I am not really surprised that when we continue the same strategies - that we get similar results," School Board member Dr. Ruby Jones said.

Jones is looking for a change in the way students are educated to get some higher test scores. The board member thinks education needs to start earlier.

"Robust early birth to three education for parent and child is essential," Jones said. "More and better quality four-year-old programs needed. Front end literacy education involving parent training has to happen."

Board member Rhonda Lennon said she wants to see the full breakdown of the test scores before commenting. She wants to know the biggest issues the district faces and what needs to be done to turn around schools.

Board member Tom Tate says he is disappointed the test scores are low in some schools. He says he wishes the schools were doing better but appreciates the hard work teachers are doing. He hopes the new student assignment approved will help raise test scores.

Board members are now looking to new CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox to boost test scores.

"He's been here long enough to check out a lot of our schools and get a sense for the patterns, so we will be looking forward to hearing his recommendations," Board Vice Chairperson Elyse Dashew said.

Board members will soon determine an evaluation plan for Wilcox. They say boosting test scores will be part of the new superintendent's goals.

The board will determine the superintendent's goals by the end of October.

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