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Ernie's 2 Minute Grill Recipes: Kabobs

Recipes presented by Robert Adler, Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ

“Football season begins this week and that means tailgating either at the game or watching parties at home.  Football also means meat, chicken, seafood, and other big eats on the menu.  A successful tailgate means it’s time to step up your game to impress your guests. 

In Ernie’s 2 Minute Grill we’ll talk about some ideas and tools to step up your tailgate game and score with your guests.  Kabobs are a great way to put a whole meal on a stick, and put out ingredients to satisfy your guest’s culinary requirements.  Today we have Ribbon Steak Asian Kabobs and Cajun Shrimp Kabobs, with healthy vegetables and potatoes, for a complete meal on a stick.”

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