Hurricane Jose: The storm we'll be watching for next week

(WBTV) - We've had our eyes on Irma for over a week but there is actually another storm in the Atlantic. The name is Jose and it's a category 2 storm, with winds of 100 mph.

We aren't currently as concerned with this storm as we have been with Irma, however, it bears watching over the next week. For now, the storm is out over the ocean and it will remain there for a while. The track is curling it around in a circle.

It looks like the storm should weaken over the next 48 hours. However, as it makes a turn to the south and moves over warmer waters, it will eventually have the chance to restrengthen. The current National Hurricane Center track keeps it well out over the ocean even into the weekend.

If there was a concern for the eastern U.S., it would be next week. You can see the spaghetti plot, with most models taking it out to sea next week. A few do take it further west though. That is why it bears watching.

Hopefully, this storm will give us a break after Harvey and Irma. Either way, we'll keep you posted!

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