Sept Day 11: Hometown Heroes

Sept Day 11: Hometown Heroes

(WBTV) - Sept 11th: Big Kids Helping Little Kids

If you're going to do a post every day for thirty days on pediatric 11th sixteen years later AND a day law enforcement everywhere is mobilizing as I type this to help those ravaged by Irma... it seems appropriate to highlight local "heroes".

HomeTown Heroes is a non-profit, made up of law enforcement officers – Union, Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties. They adopt kids with cancer. This group of "big kids" helps the "little kids" by providing emotional and financial support to their families.

Every September, HomeTown Heroes hosts a Road Tour. It starts at a business. Riders, neighbors, kids battling cancer, their families and the HomeTown Heroes, show up.

This year the tour is scheduled for Friday, September 15 at Bob Mayberry Hyundai.

I've seen these Road Tours in past years. Children in remission are celebrated and children who have died are remembered.

But it isn't a sad morning, it's the opposite. It's a rally of sorts. Breakfast, dancing, laughing and friendship. And money. Lots of money. Each child sponsored by HomeTown Heroes gets a check.

On Friday, Hometown Heroes will be giving out over $34,000.

"To see these children smiling as they battle cancer, to see them laugh and dance…" said Jeff Cook, a member of HomeTown Heroes. "There are no words to describe this day. Especially when we honor the ones who are no longer here. It is beauty, and love, and bonding."

After the festivities, two special children get driven to school in style. Not a limo. Not a hot air balloon, but a full-on VIP police escort.

Roads are blocked. (Have you ever seen Hwy 74 shut down?) Sirens and lights blaring. HUNDREDS of motorcycles. You can see them for miles. As each child approaches their school, signs are held in a parade-like line, welcoming them to class. The parking lot is full and "fans" shout the child's name.

Talk about taking ACTION to make a difference.

All HomeTown Heroes are volunteers. Find out more by going here.

Thanks, HH. For all you do. For the kids, yes. Absolutely. That's what this post is about. But I'd be remiss if on September 11th, we didn't also thank you for what you do in your day jobs. It all goes together.



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