If you were evacuating for Hurricane Irma, what would you take?

South Carolina (WBTV) - If you had leave your home suddenly knowing it may not be there when you come back, what would you take with you?

That question is consuming countless people as they load up their cars and head north to escape Hurricane Irma's wrath.

Brian Turner is headed north to Wilmington from Orlando to get away from the storm. He was taking a break from the long drive at the Flying J off Interstate 95 in St. George, South Carolina Saturday.

"It's tricky deciding what do you take? And it's a real practice in what's important in life," Turner said.

WBTV asked Turner what he decided to bring with him.

"Well, the cats were first," he said.

But that wasn't it. Brian continued to talk about the loss of his beloved wife.

"My wife passed away last year from cancer. So her ashes are probably the most important thing I could take.

He says he wouldn't have left them behind.

"I would stay if I had to," Brian said.

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