Sept Day 9: Dream On 3 gala...does your business have heart?

Sept Day 9: Dream On 3 gala...does your business have heart?
(Credit: Dream On 3)
(Credit: Dream On 3)
(Credit: Dream On 3)
(Credit: Dream On 3)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sept Day 9:  Does your business have heart?

Thirty posts this month on pediatric cancer. So Saturday, Day 9, falls into the category of taking action for you and/or your company.

This year's Dream On 3 gala at the Ritz is scheduled for Jan. 20. I'm honored to emcee. This post is being written because Dream On 3 announced Friday that they were naming this year's "Queen City Business of the Year" at the gala.

Ten respected businesses in Charlotte will compete to win this "competition". It all involves helping kids. Some who fight cancer, some with other uphill medical battles. A few spots remain for any company looking to join in. You can find out more information here.

If you are interested, message Dream On 3 through their Facebook page or email me and I can get you in touch with the right people.

And if you're not a business, but want to have some fun and attend the gala, tickets go on sale the day after Thanksgiving. It's fancy, but not stuffy or pretentious. Total fun. You meet professional sports stars and – the real heroes – kids fighting cancer and other uphill medical battles. Look for links on Dream On 3's Facebook page on Black Friday.

Saturday is Day 9. I thought it was unique to have such a push to get businesses involved. This is action in an even broader sense.

Sunday, for Day 10, is regarding how the Carolina Panthers Superbowl-bound 2003 team helped a Charlotte teen who fought cancer and how his spirit still tailgates on the first regular season away game.



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