Emergency responders, healthcare officials prepare for storm

Emergency responders, healthcare officials prepare for storm

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As thousands of people stock up on water, food, batteries, and other essentials, some attention should be given to keeping you and your family healthy and what to do if someone is injured.

The Carolina's Health Care System says they are ready with nearly 30 Urgent Care facilities and several hospitals fully staffed and operational.

Doctors are warning people to make sure they have their prescription medicine and make plans if that medicine requires refrigeration. Medical professionals are also worried about massive power outages that could last for days.

"Power impacts so many things. If people are home on medical equipment and what we are able to access with our medical records," said Dr. Chris Branner, the Assistant Director of Urgent Care Services for CHS.

Dr. Branner says people should also consider what the health issue or emergency is before traveling in dangerous conditions.

"Think about what the actual illness or concern is and then seek evaluation when it is safe," said Dr. Branner.

Healthcare providers are also prepared for the influx of evacuees.

"We are ready and able to see them and manage those symptoms. If I have power working I can even prescribe medication back when they get home," said Dr. Branner.

MEDIC in Charlotte is prepared to respond to a sharp increase in calls over the next 4 days and they have been prepping their teams for days.

"We are looking at things like our fleet. Routine maintenance that we were going to have done next week we are doing now so that we have everything ready to go," said Keven Staley, the Deputy Director.

In addition to their fleet of vehicles, MEDIC has two mass casualty buses that are ready to deploy if needed.

"We also have the capability of moving healthcare facilities, nursing homes, or hospitals if they had a generator failure," said Staley.

MEDIC may also be requested to help in other parts of the southeast impacted by the storm and will make the decision on how much they can send depending on the situation in Charlotte.

"At that point we would make the decision as to what the capabilities are locally to go down and respond and help them out," said Staley.

MEDIC is encouraging people to be prepared and be mindful even after the storm has passed.

"When Hugo came through, we didn't have a lot of injuries prior or during the storm it was after the storm when people went to try and pick up."

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