Hurricanes putting pressure on charities like Samaritan's Purse

Hurricanes putting pressure on charities like Samaritan's Purse

BOONE, NC (WBTV) - It had been a fairly quiet summer. There were some issues that groups like Samaritans Purse responded to, but nothing out of the norm for most of the summer.

Then Hurricane Harvey hit. Then Irma showed up - and is now well on its way to being a storm to remember.

"We have a lot on our plate now," said Rich Peevy, who is heading up the international side of the hurricane relief at Samaritan's Purse.

An operations center has been set up to monitor what Hurricane Irma leaves in its path. A DC-8 has been loaded with relief supplies and will be heading to the islands affected as soon as Friday. That is if they can find a place to land it.

"We are working on that now," said Peevy on Thursday afternoon.

As he looks to where the storm has been, Tim Haas is looking to where it might go. He is heading up domestic disaster relief efforts for both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The five big rig disaster trucks are already down in Texas helping folks recover there. As a result, there are not many options for hauling supplies left in the North Wilkesboro warehouse.

Now, as he looks at ways to send relief to Florida, Georgia, and even closer to home in the Carolinas if needed, Haas says they may have to get creative.

Several churches in Florida have offered help, and there are Samaritan's Purse assets in Canada and elsewhere that may be called in. In any case, Haas says a way will be found to do what they need to do.

"We will leverage everything we have to help," he said.

The big question now is: where will Irma go? Haas says the track will be monitored closely.

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