Dog apparently shot twice in Cornelius backyard

(Courtesy Jessica Grigg)
(Courtesy Jessica Grigg)

CORNELIUS, NC (WBTV) - Jessica Grigg of Cornelius is rattled after she believes someone shot her dog in her own backyard.

"We don't know if this is exactly where it happened," she said, pointing to a break in the fence. "But we had found the [gun] pellets right outside of this spot."

Her dog Parker now has several injuries. Grigg says her vet confirmed they were likely caused by an airsoft or BB gun.

"She said, 'Yes, her injuries were definitely consistent with being shot,'" Grigg said.

But for Grigg, this was not the first conclusion she naturally jumped to. She explained that it happened twice – the first time on Thursday.

"We were just very confused."

Then, it happened again on Sunday. That is when she took the animal to get checked out and really saw the wounds.

"We didn't even realize the extent until we took her to the vet and they shaved around the area," Grigg says.

Parker is deaf, and it could have been easy to sneak up on her, even in her own yard. Now, her owner is working to keep the pets, and the neighborhood, safe.

"You just never know when this thing could happen," Grigg says. "And we don't want it to escalate to anything more severe to…a person even."

Grigg says she has been in contact with Animal Control and Cornelius Police. She does not want to make assumptions about who did this, but says she just wants someone to come forward with information.

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