Charlotte firefighters home from Harvey, waiting for Irma

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Our travels on the road with the Charlotte Fire Department to help with relief efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey lasted roughly a week and went the distance of more than 2,000 miles.

The long drive was anything but mundane.

While Captain Steve Creason is now keeping his sites set on the movement of Hurricane Irma, he still thinks about being deployed to last year's Hurricane Matthew.

"Missing families that got separated during the floods... Just devastation," he said.

However, the possibility of Irma brings an adjustment in attitude for Eric DePoto, who's part of Charlotte's Swift Water Search and Rescue Teams.

"Being relaxed and keeping a cool head is one of the biggest things you can do," DePoto said.

Short turnaround time between the assignments keeps a constant thought in the back of their minds - a state of readiness.

David Bowman of the Charlotte Fire Department says this kind of deployment is what keeps him engaged.

"There is always that opportunity, that you want to be prepared, to be able to help people, that's what we signed up for," Bowman said.

Firefighters returned to Charlotte late Wednesday night only to remain on standby until the call comes in for Hurricane Irma.

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