Sept Day 6: Dalton Edwards' book

Sept Day 6: Dalton Edwards' book

Sept Day 6: Dalton Edwards Has a Book!

First though, Wednesday is Dalton's birthday. Happy birthday to the most resilient 20-year-old around.

Dalton has had cancer six times in the past four years, the first time in 2013. Dalton has always fought hard, but is definitely fighting right now.

Hopefully his birthday is a positive moment for him and his family.

Now back to the cover you see here.


The memoir came out last week. As you might suspect, it's about Dalton's cancer battle. A local Statesville author, Mike Fuhrman, volunteered to write it after following Dalton's long-winding and inspiring cancer journey.

One thing that is important to know is that Dalton approved every word of the book. I called his mom, named Geri, before posting this to confirm their support, and she said Dalton worked with Mike on all the editing.

One hundred percent of the proceeds (after cost of printing and Amazon's share) go straight to Dalton and his family for medical costs.

Dalton has in turn decided to donate five percent of the proceeds to Hospice of Iredell County's "Rainbow Kidz" program and five percent to the Pinky Swear Foundation. Both groups were helpful to Dalton over these past four years.

Author Mike donated his time and labor.

Dalton asked me if I'd write the Foreword. I was honored. When you click on the Amazon links, you can "Look Inside" the book and actually read those first few pages in the sample provided.

Find the link to Amazon print edition and e-book here.

Happy Birthday, Dalton. I just ordered my copy.



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