Cherryville donor family meets kidney recipient for first time

CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A teenager's decision shortly after her father's death is saving lives while keeping her dad's memory alive.

One year ago, Darrell Moseley died following a car crash on his way home from work. Shortly after his death, Moseley's 17-year-old daughter, Brooklyn Moseley, made the decision to donate her dad's organs.

"Dad would always want to help other people," said Brooklyn.

Brooklyn worked with LifeShare, an organization that helps connect donors and those in need of transplants.

LifeShare helped introduce Brooklyn to her dad's kidney recipient, Tammy Hanna.

"I've waited 7 years," said Hanna.

Hanna said after a long battle with cancer, losing one kidney, and with the other failing, she needed help.

Hanna said the Moseley family's gift came right on time.

"It's been great and works really well," said Hanna.

The Moseley family met Hanna and her family for the first time on August 18th.

Brooklyn's mother Shannon Moseley told WBTV her daughter's decision has helped their family heal and allowed another family to avoid the same heartache.

"That day when we got the call…and they told us he passed…I knew somebody else was getting good news and it helped," said Shannon Moseley.

Brooklyn said her dad's work isn't over yet.

"I have an angel watching over me and she's also got an angel watching over her now," said Brooklyn.

Brooklyn said with help from LifeShare, she hopes to meet everyone who received the gift of life from her dad.

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