Charlotte firefighters heading back from Texas with eyes on Irma

Charlotte firefighters heading back from Texas with eyes on Irma

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The back and forth decision of being in the game or on the sidelines came to a screeching halt as the State of Texas pulled the plug on resources from North Carolina.

The word from out-of-state decision makers: Thanks for the help, but go home and take care of your own state, because Hurricane Irma could be headed your way.

Brian Barnes, with the office of North Carolina Emergency Management, and has been on the ground in Texas since last week.

"We have our teams back home already preparing, and the teams here are working on their plans to refit," Barnes said.

It is 1,100 miles back the other way to NC. A convoy of 90 first responders and five departments from the Tar Heel State are gearing up for the next major weather event.

While disappointment is a real emotion, those on the road understand the nature of the assignment.

Jeffrey Williams handles communications logistics for the Charlotte Fire Department.

"We didn't get to use all of our skills," he said. "But we were able to gain a lot of knowledge, fellowship. Got to meet a lot of good people."

Living through uncertainty is always a given when answering a call in another state. Aaron Webb of Station 10 in Charlotte takes pride in traveling a long distance and understands the importance of being on standby.

"We were here. We were prepared to do whatever is asked of us," Webb said.

Charlotte Fire Fighters are due back in the Queen City sometime on Thursday.

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