Latin American Coalition saddened by DACA rollback

Latin American Coalition saddened by DACA rollback

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Charlotte Latin American Coalition is saddened about the winding down of the Deferred Action for  Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program. The coalition says there are about 70,000 DACA recipients in North Carolina.

"We can't let these young people just fall through the cracks and disenfranchise them completely from our society," Latin American Coalition Executive Director Jose Hernandez-Paris said. "Ninety-five percent are in school or working right now."

Hernandez-Paris says he expected the winding down of DACA but is still saddened. He is encouraged Senator Thom Tillis is ready to present legislation that will offer a path to citizenship for immigrants.

"President Trump is wisely giving Congress a period of time to fulfill its responsibility to legislate and take long-term action to address the uncertainty facing undocumented children who were brought to America through no fault of their own," Tillis said.

Hernandez-Paris hopes the politicians on both sides of the aisle can come to a compromise. But hopes in the compromise there are no strings attached.

"We can't play politics right now," he said. "If the president really wants this to be solved in six months - when it hasn't been solved in decades - we have to allow Congress to act. To act cleanly and freely to come up with a quick solution beneficial for everybody."

The coalition says there are people in about 50 cities across the country ready to speak out against deportations and hatred. The social media hashtag "#Heretostay" has already been created to show people are ready to take a stance on the issue.

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