Multiple students sent to hospital in northeast Charlotte double school bus crash

Multiple students sent to hospital in northeast Charlotte double school bus crash

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Multiple students went to the hospital after two school buses crashed in northeast Charlotte Tuesday morning, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools says.

It happened around 8:55 a.m. on W Sugar Creek Road at Torrence Street. CMS says bus 1411, serving James Martin Middle School, and bus 1479, serving University Park Creative Arts school, were involved in the crash.

Twenty-nine students were aboard the James Martin Middle School bus and six were aboard the University Park Creative Arts school bus, according to CMS.

Medic says they transported 16 students total. At least eleven of those students were taken to CMC University Hospital to get checked out. Hospital officials say the injuries were not serious. Both school principals went to the hospital to check on the students.

"The bus came from out of nowhere," James Martin Middle School student Ka'Liauna McDowell said. "We were just coming from our stop to pick up the two kids coming from the bus and the bus, I think the bus was going too fast, and it ran into the bus. I hit my hit my head."

Students describe it as a hard hit. Most students hit their head and said they had headaches when leaving the hospital. One student says another student possibly injured his ankle. Parents say there were concerned when they got the call about the accident.

"It was really terrifying," Quinneisha McDowell said. "Because a bus hitting another bus and the kids sitting in the back and I know that they sit in the back of the bus, so it was very scary.

CMS sent a statement on the status of the bus drivers.

As standard procedure in all cases of driver involved accidents at CMS:

There's no word on what caused the crash or if any charges are being filed.

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