Laboring on Labor Day is a 'calling' for NC teams on the ground in Texas

HOUSTON, TX (WBTV) - Keeping the lines of communication open on the road falls on the shoulders of Sharon Parks. She is part of the logistical team on the ground in Texas for the Charlotte Fire Department, and her responsibility is making sure that rescue crews can talk to each other in the field.

"Our first goal is to keep this team able to operate within itself," she said. "So we can talk to each other within the team."

A sentimental gift is being left behind by North Carolina's first responders. The Texas flag with their autographs is being donated to staffers at one Expo Center who have provided food and shelter.

Luke Easter of the Greensboro Fire Department says idle time isn't about waiting, but rather service.

"Our mindset is right now - we're here for Texas, and we're here to support and do anything we can for them," Easter said.

Hurricane Harvey is the main plot, but many eyes are on the sequel named Irma, and that includes staffers from Hendersonville like Kevin Waldrup.

"We have been making plans for it," Waldrup said. "Secondary and third teams in North Carolina - if we're still out here - we have people behind the scenes planning for that as well."

Back at the radio truck, stickers showcase survival through a listing of past storms. For Sharon Parks, laboring on Labor Day isn't a job, but rather a calling.

"We said we're gonna have to add a new sticker to the truck," she said, "and God willing, we don't have to add anything for Irma."

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