Unclaimed horses being housed as Charlotte firefighters ponder next move

Unclaimed horses being housed as Charlotte firefighters ponder next move

COLLEGE STATION, TX (WBTV) - Horses without homes have found temporary stalls at the Brazos County Expo Center in College Station, Texas.

Abandoned by their owners when heavy rains came near the gulf coast, they were scared and stranded in high-standing water.

Penny Thomas is one of the workers looking after the horses.

"A lot of it happened so quickly, they weren't able to get out, and they had to get out and just leave them there," she said.

Despite extensive preparations, uncertainty is a given when battling back against a major weather event.

Responders from North Carolina are caught between the so called rock and a hard place.

On one hand, they're hoping to help out in hard hit Texas, but packing up and heading home sooner may be brought on by Hurricane Irma.

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Captain Jeff Bright is with the Charlotte Fire Department.

He said, "We'll continue until the decision is made whether to put us in the game in Texas or send us home and be prepared for Irma."

Search and rescue team members from Fayetteville are feeling a greater sense of urgency to return because of close distance between Cumberland County and the Carolina Coast.

Robert Brinson is a Fayetteville Battalion Chief.

"With us being so close to the coast, we are one of the first teams that goes out and assist," Brinson said.

Assistance is also needed in linking animals to those who once cared for them.

"Hopefully the owners will reconnect with them," Thomas said.

Some owners may connect with their animals since their phone numbers were spray painted on the horses.

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