Charlotte firefighters take pride in being self-sufficient in times of need

HOUSTON, TX (WBTV) - Every mile traveled on the journey by the group of Charlotte firefighters headed to help with recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey fuels a level of unbridled curiosity.

Going the distance of nearly 1,100 miles to College Station, Texas raises a level of anticipation. It also validates what they've learned in the classroom and taken to hard-hit communities.

Battalion Chief Pete Skeris is heading up the operation that involves our local firefighters.

"We love being able to use our skills. So, it's the anticipation that we have this unique set of skills," he said. "We want to be able to use it, make a difference to somebody else that's out there."

Captain Jerry Rodgers has relied on that skill set during hurricanes of the past and understands the importance of being self-sufficient.

"You're basically going into an infrastructure or a city to assist people in a city that has already been destroyed," Rogers said.

Those individuals are using the grocery stores. The resources they already have so we try to be one percent self-sufficient.

It's that kind of individual and collective independence that makes this group of first responders much in demand during and after man's battle against nature.

It's that perspective they take in bringing comfort and care to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

"We're fortunate that we have a number of guys that have been deployed to other hurricanes," Skeris said.

First responders from Charlotte are set to arrive in College Station, Texas before the end of the night Friday.

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