Reporter Notebook: Covering hurricanes, from the Carolinas to Texas

HOUSTON, TX (WBTV) - Having covered hurricanes that went by the names of Hugo, Floyd and Matthew, dealing with Harvey adds a new and different dimension.

Like so many reporters analyzing these brushes with Mother Nature, I've felt the sting of harsh sand, put up with rain going sideways and hitting me in the face, all while of hoping to stand up straight and finish that live shot, despite awful windy conditions.

Other nuisances come with covering hurricanes.

Soaked pens and paper don't always work.

The legendary Dan Rather strongly advises using pencils, and not to mention video equipment that gets sent back to factory, after being inundated with salt water.

Approaching Harvey means sizing up a story differently.

The winds have stopped, the rains have calmed down and flood waters continue to recede.

Still, there are many stories to be told.

Aftermath inspires individual and collective calls to action.

Aftermath peels back the reality of what the storm left behind.

Aftermath reveals the human cost.

Lives lost, homes and businesses to be rebuilt, along with relationships that become closer or redefined.

Being an embedded with the Charlotte Fire Department adds a new perspective.

Working the streets of Charlotte for more than 30 years, I've seen my share of house fires, cats in trees, and the work of firefighters before a Medic truck arrives at a medical emergency.

Several hours into this assignment it's easy to see their dedication and discipline as they are giving of both sacrifice and service.

We're pushing on College Station, Texas and should get there sometime on Friday.

In my next reporter's notebook - a look at the commitment and calling of men and women of the Charlotte Fire Department who are hoping to make a difference in the lives of those on rebound from Hurricane Harvey.

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