Charlotte dog and trainer headed to Houston for difficult task

Charlotte dog and trainer headed to Houston for difficult task

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Debbie Lange of Charlotte is getting ready for a very difficult journey.

"I'm sure it's going to be a very sobering experience," she said.

Lange and her furry friend, Boss, were called on by a private group to head down to the flooded streets of Houston.

"They are anxiously awaiting our arrival," she said.

As hundreds of cars remain sunken under feet of water, search crews are dealing with the grim reality that some may not have made it out of those cars alive.

"They think that's going to be the next source of some casualties," Lange said.

So, this dog and trainer team will board a low-profile boat over the flooded streets. They will make their way to where drone teams have located underwater cars. Boss will bark when he detects that there is a body down below.

Though Boss is not SAR certified, Lange says he was trained at a school in Texas years ago.

"It isn't going to be a happy outcome," she said, "But it is amazing to see [the dogs] do their job."

While Boss is said to be one of the best-trained canines in the country, Lange knows there is no true way for her to mentally prepare for what they will encounter.

"Anytime he indicates, we know it's a loss of life," she explained. "And I can't imagine exactly how that's going to feel."

Still, she is seeing the significance of their journey.

"In providing closure to families who are missing loved ones."

Lange says she and Boss are one of just about half a dozen teams like them across the country.

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