Water collection drive underway for Harvey's victims

Water collection drive underway for Harvey's victims

MAIDEN, NC (WBTV) - Kyle Crafton says he just could not sit and watch the images of the troubles in Texas from Hurricane Harvey without doing something. So he asked leaders at his church, The Living Word in Maiden, if he could start a collection drive for water. They said yes.

Just 24 hours into the collection, he already had enough to fill two tractor trailers.

"This is America, people helping people," he said.

The donations will be going to a specific community in Texas. The Pentecostal Church, which The Living Word is affiliated with, has a mobile kitchen in place in Webster, Texas, just south of Houston. Residents there said they needed bottled water. Now they will get it.

Among the people stopping by with donations was Sheila Oxendine. She knows how floods can devastate families.

"My husband's family is from Lumberton," she explained.

Lumberton, North Carolina was hit hard last fall by the remnants of Hurricane Matthew. Homes were flooded and many families lost everything. Sheila says her husband's family is still recovering from that flooding and felt she had to see if she could help the people in Texas, saying she knows what they are feeling.

"It did hit home," she said.

Crafton, meanwhile, says trucks loaded with water could start leaving Maiden for Texas as early as Friday.

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