Meck Co water officials are learning from the flooding, devastation in Houston

Meck Co water officials are learning from the flooding, devastation in Houston
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services office is more than a thousand miles from Houston, but the distance doesn't mean lessons can't be learned from the floods in Houston.

"There are lots of lessons to be learned from Houston," Mark Boone said, who is a spokesperson with the county office. "Is this a trend for our weather patterns here?"

Boone noted that Columbia, South Carolina recently had a major rain inundation event. "We see this happening more often. Is that something we need to prepare for?" he said.

Storm Water Services officials say they inventory the surfaces in the county and know how many areas can absorb water and what areas can't.

"We know how flood plains are supposed to work. That's a great way to prepare us, but we also are mapping flood plains," Boone said. "We're constantly making sure we know in our inventory what areas are in flood plains and if folks are in harm's way."

By watching from a distance of what's happening in Houston, Boone says it appears most of the people who are affected by the widespread flooding are in the flood plain areas.

"One thing we've learned from Houston is the importance of the flood plain development process, making sure people build and develop responsibly with an eye on the future," he said. "We map future flooding conditions so that when people build they won't be building in harm's way."

Boone says the county will consider zoning in the future flood plain mapping.

"We regulate to what the flood plains are going to be in the future based on the zoning that's in place already."

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