Light the Night Hero Zoey: "Find a place where cancer can't hurt anyone anymore"

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Like most kindergartners, Zoey Harper stood outside school ready for her first day of school picture and new adventure.

But getting to this milestone at almost six years old has been a tougher road than most of us face in a lifetime.

"At four-and-a-half Zoey was diagnosed with leukemia," her mom, Beth Moye, remembers.

I met Beth and her daughters, Zoey and Sierra, at the "Light the Night" luncheon kick off campaign. The walk November 4 at Romare Bearden Park is a signature fundraiser and community connector for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It's an opportunity to lift up families who are currently battling blood cancers, and those who have lost.

Zoey Harper is one of the night's Honored Heroes.

"She has no ounce of hate in her body even though this thing, (cancer), was trying to destroy her," her mom said.

Zoey endured countless treatments over the last year and a half to get to this place. Zoey is remission now, although she still has several more treatments ahead of her.

In her speech to teams fundraising and gearing up for the November fundraiser, Beth Moyer remembered Zoey's words when doctor's told her they were killing the cancer.

"I kind of feel sorry for cancer because it's dead. I don't want it to win, but I don't want it to be dead. I don't like talking about that part, about being dead.I'm happy, but I think I'm going to find a place for it to play so that it can never hurt anybody again," Zoey told her mom.

Let's make Zoey's wish come true.

Join us in raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Form a team, be the light for families like Zoey's. November 4, Romare Bearden Park:

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